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ISH WOD - 27 Aug 19

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Todays' Iron Strong Health Workout of the Day brings us to the track where we're going to work on priming our nervous system and training the responsiveness of our achilles tendon. While long, slow distance running is great, it's hard to beat explosive movements to strengthen your all important achilles tendon so it can perform for longer on those big days. This should be done on a day where you're feeling fully rested.

Warm up:

2 rounds of sun salutations.

Flow into 4 rounds of Cossack Squats

10 x deep air squats

Pre Set:

Jog 800 meters (2 laps)

3 x 8 Plyo Box jumps - 18-24" is enough height. As soon as your feet land back on the ground, spring immediately back to the top of the box/bench and land softly.

3 x 50 meter butt kick drill - emphasize the sensation of pulling with the hamstring and getting your feet off the ground as fast as possible


6 x 100m all out sprints. Walk/jog the other 300 meters of the track as recovery. You should be very close to your baseline heart rate before you start the next round. Full recovery between each is ok, about 2-3 minutes.

Cool Down:

During each pose, control your breath - equal time inhaling as exhaling, about 7 seconds in and out.

Lizard Pose - 45" each side

Pigeon Pose - 45" each side

Forward Fold - 1'

Standing Quad Pulls - 30" each side


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