• Marcus Farris

ISH WOD 21 Sept 19

We're working our "get ups" today. Perhaps one of the most functional movements a human can do, moving your body from the ground to standing is a skill often taken for granted. The

Turkish get up is a great way to practice this while building coordination and proprioceptive skills.

Pre Set:

4' jump rope

Dead hang from a pull up bar - 2 x 30"


- 2 x 6 Turkish Get ups, each side. Use a 15-25lb dumbbell.

- 5-5-3-3-1-1-1 Back Squat. Increase weight by a minimum of 5lbs for each rep range. Start with 75lbs or less if you're new to back squats.

- Farmer's Carry: 40 to 50lbs in each hand. Do 3 laps around your gym, about 100 yards total.

10'-15' in the sauna to finish.


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