• Marcus Farris

ISH WOD 18 Sept 19

Short, sweet and to the point. As always, ensure you're well warmed up before you begin. Avoid long stretch holds and replace them with broad range of motion type movement. 20 deep squats and a series of sun salutations can do the trick.

Pre Set:

2000m Row with 4x20" accelerations to 95% max effort, with 1' in between


Four Rounds, rep pattern: 12-9-6-3, for time

1. Strict pull-ups

2. Explosive box jumps, ~18" (when your feet make contact with the ground, explode back up to the box and land softly)

3. Push Press (35lbs males, 25lbs females)

4. Sling/ring row

Post Set:

Jump rope for 3', practice double unders


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