What if Abundance was our new Baseline?

The Five Elements

Iron Strong Health's approach is based on five guiding principles that, when applied to your lifestyle, will foster peak physical fitness, social well-being, and spiritual growth. Every coaching session is grounded on these five elements. 

Physical Fitness

Our DNA craves movement. Every human was designed to play, interact, and explore their environment, yet modern life has quenched an ancient fire in each of us. Incorporating movement throughout the day, occasional weight training sessions, and sensible bouts of aerobic activity lay the groundwork for optimal health and performance. 

nutritional health

Our bodies are as complex as they are fascinating. We are just scratching the surface about how they work and the miraculous, interconnected systems that make us tick. Modern science is proving out that our bodies function most optimally when we eat what our DNA designed and intended for food and fuel to our bodies, as opposed to the majority of food-like substances that are so pervasive in our culture. 

Mental & emotional fortitude 

The stories we tell ourselves can either drive us to greater heights, or leave us feeling stuck, alone, and anxious. Each of us was created for a specific purpose and finding that purpose helps us realize that what we do is not who we are. Acknowledging who we are to our community, coaches, and loved ones grounds our mental and emotional health.

Relational well-being

Isolation equals death. From the start, we were design for community, and every other element is either strengthened or weakened by the bonds we have to each other. Vulnerability with each other is the accelerant to personal growth.

Spiritual growth

We are not merely body, but mind and spirit as well. As spiritual beings in an earthly body, tapping into our intuitions can bring great clarity to who we are and what motivates us. With so much noise in life, this element is often forgotten and neglected, yet may be the most important of the five. 


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