holistic endurance training

While there are many paths towards peak endurance performance, often, conventional wisdom has left aspiring athletes burnt out, fatigued, and frustrated. Despite following classic advice to the letter, we still find ourselves getting sick and wondering if there's something missing.

The Iron Strong Health Methodology takes a different approach to the outdated paradigms and leans on tried and true methods that respect your ancient design's needs for a more sensible training and lifestyle approach. This plan is appropriate for anyone training for sprint to Ironman distance triathlon, cycling events and running races.

This plan includes weekly coaching and education sessions, regular communications via your preferred methods, recipe planning, a customized workout plan, and every resource you need to Live Iron Strong.

It's not just about the workouts!

  • Become empowered to sustain your best version of health and peak athletic performance

  • Learn to become bonk-proof​

  • Crush systemic inflammation and recover faster

  • Learn how to train smarter with minimal risk of burnout 



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