Forged from Service. Tempered through Endurance Sports. Refined by a Hunger for Abundance.

ABOUT Iron strong health

With a background serving our Armed Forces and over a decade of endurance sports experience, Marcus Farris, Bend, Oregon based Certified Health Coach, is on a pursuit to instill his hard fought lessons learned in others on their path towards peak physical performance. 

Plans, ranging from a 12 week lifestyle rebuild, to a six month, fully immersive program, will help you maneuver through the nuances and challenges of living in modern world while respecting our ancient designs.


Schedule a free consultation today to see how Iron Strong Health can help you break free from flawed training and diet advice that has left us burnt out, tired and frustrated and prepare to get race and life ready. 


Why Choose Health Coaching?

Unlike traditional, single sport focused coaching programs, Iron Strong Health takes a multi-faceted approach to wellness and peak performance. You'll be coached through methods to incorporate greater daily movement, how to plan your meals, how to get better sleep, and what types of workouts work best for you. Whether your health goals are to PR your next multi-sport event or dial in your lifestyle to best serve your own version of well-being, Iron Strong Health is committed to helping you climb higher.

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Over the course of 12 weeks, you'll be guided through a deep dive into ancestral health principles, endurance training cornerstones, and an approach that's customized to every individuals health and fitness goals.

12 Week Lifestyle Rebuild

Learn to expertly navigate the challenges of living in a modern environment while respecting the needs of your ancient DNA programming. You'll be guided through a holistic plan to help you achieve optimal health. You'll be coached through how to burn more fat for the rest of your life, make meal decisions that contribute to longevity, the best way to move and train your body for peak performance and so much more.

6 month 1-on-1 health coaching

This month by month plan is best suited for those looking to compete at their highest level at triathlon, cycling, or running events. The Iron Strong Health methods will help you avoid burnout, access more fat for fuel during racing and training, and identify hidden roadblocks that could be holding you back.

Holistic endurance training


Bend, OR 


Tel: 256-479-6501

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